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Co-Owner, Lead Mechanic, Service Manager, Sales, Buyer and Janitor.

Brent Has been  mountain biking since way back in 1984 and BMX riding well before that. In 1989 Brent found himself working in the bike shops he loved so much. Many years and miles later and Brent is still doing what he loves. Brent craves long tough rides and is a finisher of some pretty brutal events such as the Leadville 100, Barnburner 104 and the legendary Vapor Trail 125 (once on a rigid singlespeed!) Brent is an extremely knowledgeable bike mechanic having spent many years turning wrenches in some high-profile shops in Los Angeles, Salida Colorado, Southwest Utah and Bentonville Arkansas. Brent and his family are proud to now call Maryland home and are excited to share their love of riding with you all.

Some Q. and A. with Brent

Q. How many bicycles do you have?

A. 2, A custom built Marin San Quentin 3 set up singlespeed with a nice mix of parts from White Industries and Paul Components. I also have an 84 Ross Mt Hood which sees a lot of C&O Canal Miles.  I plan on building a Banshee Phantom short travel full suspension frame up sometime this year. 

Q. What is your favorite local trail.

A. That's a tough one, I ride Little Bennett the most as it's so close to the shop and very pretty. 

Q. Favorite trail outside of the area?

A. That's like naming a favorite band, I'll give you ten.

1. Phil's World (Rib Cage)- Cortez, Colorado

2. Pauley Creek-Downieville, California

3. Starvation Creek-Poncha Springs, Colorado

4. Dr Park-Crested Butte, Colorado

5. El Prieto-Pasadena, California

6. Monarch Crest Trail Classic Route with the Silver Creek/Rainbow finish- Poncha Springs, Colorado

7. Lookout Mountain- Stokesville, Virginia

8. Canyon Creek- Sargeants, Colorado

9. Atomic Dog-Bellingham, Washington

10. Hooligan- Salida, Colorado

Q. What are some of your favorite bands?

A. I've always been fond of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, The Housemartins, Fields of the Nephelim and Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.

Q.Favorite Post Ride fuel- 

A. I love the Bruschetta with a side of meatballs and a cold IPA from Laurienzo's right next to our shop!

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