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Bicycle Repair And Maintenance Classes

One On One In Person Classes 

Learning to work on your own bicycles can be fun and very rewarding. It can also save you lots of money! Our classes are taught by Brent, a Professional Bicycle Mechanic for more than 30 years. All of our classes are one on one, after or before shop hours for zero distractions. We highly recommend  bringing your bike to learn on. These are very different than free repair clinics attended by dozens of riders. These are very thorough. 1 student and 1 instructor.

Below is a breakdown of the classes we offer (be patient as we will be adding lots more classes over the next few days including a full blown bicycle mechanic for those who may want to do this for a living.) Some are an hour or two, some are many hours spread over several days and some are many months long once or twice a week. We will work with you and your schedule to come up with a solid plan.

Bike Repair Classes: About Us

Flat Tire Repair/Tire or Tube Replacement-$150

Our Most Popular Class

This class is 2 hours of in depth instruction on how to repair a flat tire while out on a ride (or at home) It includes proper technique for wheel removal and installation. This course is offered for any type of bicycle. Tubes or tubeless. After completing this course you will confidently be able to repair your own flat tires while on a ride and install new tires as well. You will learn to identify what caused the flat, wether or not to use a plug or a patch, maybe a boot, what to carry to make the repairs and how to do it safely. You will be learning on your own bike. For tubeless tires on mountain bikes this course covers adding and dealing with sealant, inspection and installation of rim tape and seating of a tubeless tire. 

This course is typically completed in One 2 hour session but can be spread into two 1 hour sessions if needed. 

Stop in, e mail or call to book this class. 

Bike Repair Classes: Welcome

Chain Repair, Maintenance and Installation-$150.00

A Lifesaver Class If You Break A Chain On A Long Remote Ride

This 2 hour course is Brent's favorite to teach due to the many times he would have been starnded or walking if he did not know how to repair a chain in the field. 

This course will cover how to care for your chain with proper cleaning and lubrication. We will explain what conditions call for wet, dry or wax type lubes and go over pros and cons of each. We will cover how to safely remove and install the chain as well as how to size and install a new chain. The best part of this course is the in field repair. You will learn how to use chain tool of various types, how to remove and install quick links and what to carry with you on a ride if you need to make a repair. After completing this course you will be able to deal with a broken chain on the trail or road, get it repaired safely and finish the ride. 

This course is done as One 2 hour session but can be spread to Two 1 hour sessions if needed.

Bike Repair Classes: Welcome

Rear Derailleur Adjustment/Cable Replacement/Shifting 101-$300.00

It's Not Sorcery

This 4 hour course (spread into Two-2 hour sessions) will cover all things rear derailleurs and shifting. This course will cover how to properly diagnose shifting issues and how to correct them. You will learn how to check derailleur hanger alignment, how to straighten or replace a hanger, how to install a new derailleur cable and housing. Many times shifting issues are not simple. This course will cover things like bad freehubs, worn drivetrain components, bad chainline, incorrect and incompatible parts. After you completing this course you will be able to quickly and safely get your bikes shifting like new again. 

Bike Repair Classes: Welcome
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