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Bike Rental and Demo

All of our bikes can be ridden on the trails. A ride around a parking lot is not enough to know if a bike is THE bike so we give you the opportunity to ride on the trials. Our shop is conveniently located next to Little Bennett Regional Park and its great variety of terrain. We will set you up in the shop and you can ride from our location right to the trailhead! 

Want to see what trail riding is like? Rent one of our Giants for the day and go to many trail systems in Montgomery County or up to Frederick County and the Watershed...

If you like what you rode, the cost of the rental/demo will be applied towards the purchase of a bike!

Call ahead to arrange pick up/drop off times after normal shop hours and days.

Our Bikes

Giant Trance X 29 2 - full suspension trail bike with 140mm travel front and rear. A great bike for any trail...

     daily for $95     Sizes S, M, L, XL

Yeti SB 140 LR C3 - an amazing carbon ripper with AXS shifting

     daily for $195 (only for Little Bennett)     Sizes M, L

Yeti ARC C3 - superlight light hardtail with AXS shifting

     daily for $195 (only for Little Bennett)     Size M

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